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At Dynamite Virtual Spokespersons, we have a centralized focus in video marketing, which includes our state of the art, online website virtual spokesperson ad technology, demos and our video analytics software. We allow you to turn your website into a domain that visually communicates with your visitors. It revolutionizes your site into a talking website. This virtual spokesperson technology is a highly effective manner in reaching your target market as it provides a compelling way to reach your clients and consequently get results!

These claims are backed up by thoroughly researched studies. They suggest show that a virtual spokesperson that acts as an effective virtual guide using visual communication, will definitely guide and assist your visitors through your website. Your visitors will remain on your site longer consequently increasing your conversion rate.

With its high level of customization, the virtual spokesperson can be placed anywhere on your screen and present the message that you wish to deliver. You can get a free trial right now and see how our technology will turn your website into a success. Please contact us and try our free virtual spokesperson host that will temporarily turn your website into a Dynamite talking website.

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