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Video Analytics

Are you lacking the video analytics tools to determine where your visitors are going after your spokesperson has spoken? Not able to quantify the success of your virtual spokesperson?

Well look no further, because Dynamite Virtual Spokesperson provides that unique Video Analytics platform for you and your website to better understand the effect of your virtual spokesperson. With our video analytics technology, not only can you measure the metrics of our virtual spokesperson, but the video analytics platform is built to measure and quantify the results of any video Ė whether it is in a Flash format, QuickTime, or Mpeg!

With the video analytic software, we can drill down into various different features that determine many different metrics for us to look at. These range from who watched your video, for how long and most importantly where they went after viewing it.

Donít wait any longer, and contact us right now to figure out how our technology can be best used on your website!

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